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Oklahoma Section 8 Housing.

The Oklahoma Section 8 Housing Assistance Program will provide low cost, safe and affordable homes to low income families as well as single adults. Vouchers are issued from housing authorities as a form of rent help to low income, elderly, and disabled families or individuals. Find where to apply for section 8 housing in Oklahoma near you below. Note there is usually a waiting list, but there are also emergency section 8 vouchers and low income housing for the elderly, veterans, or disabled.

It does this by providing income based housing, in which the HUD vouchers pay some of the cost and the family also needs to contribute some of their money. That being said, in some rare cases the housing may be free - as section 8 may offer rent free homes or apartments. Other services also available from Housing authorities include homeownership resources, Family Services, vouchers to pay a mortgage, section 8 porting vouchers and more.

This federal government paid for as well as sponsored program is run by local non-profit public housing agencies and organizations at the town and city level across Oklahoma. There is often a waiting list, with seniors and the disabled sometimes given priority to apply for a HUD housing choice voucher or emergency section 8 in Oklahoma. The vulnerable (seniors or disabled) can get priority list from emergency section 8 in Oklahoma near them, and the housing authorities below can provide online or in person applications.

In general, most applicants are working and live in or near government poverty levels, based on family size. But Section 8 also support single moms, dads, and those without children in the sate. Find who to contact to apply for rent assistance from the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program in Oklahoma. Or get referrals to other resources.

Housing authorities to apply for section 8 in Oklahoma near you

Ada and Pontotoc County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK024
Ada, OK 74820
Phone: (580) 436-1613 Fax: (580) 436-2105




Anadarko and Caddo County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK008
615 E Texas Drive
Anadarko, OK 73005
Phone: (405) 247-3110 Fax: (405) 247-2343
Assistance programs from the PHA are extensive. They include, but are not limited to, section 8 HCV; emergency rent help; ESG grants; public housing; homeless shelters; and self-sufficiency. Very low income families also get access food, computer labs, medical care, and more.

  • Another location is Apache, 402 North Oak, Apache, OK 73006, Main Phone: (580) 588-3664 Fax: (580) 588-2482

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK025
Location is 225 NW A Street
Antlers, Oklahoma 74523
Phone: (580) 298-5542 Fax: (580) 298-5543

  • A nearby PHA for the county is Clayton. Address is 101 11th Street, Clayton, OK 74536, Main Phone: (918) 569-4434

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK124
80 W Cedar Circle
Atoka, OK 74525
Phone: (580) 889-7311 Fax: (580) 889-7312

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK075
201 S. Choctaw St.
Beggs, OK 74421
Phone: (918) 267-3211 Fax: (918) 267-3209
For the latest information on the HUD housing choice waiting list, call to speak to a counselor. They provide section 8 vouchers, FSS and other aid all in Okmulgee County.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK052
221 S. Walnut
Boley, OK 74829
Phone: (918) 667-3632 Fax: (918) 667-3644
The local non-profit HUD approved agency for the poor, low income, and needy.





Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK101
501 2nd. Street
Boswell, OK 74727
Phone: (580) 566-2243 Fax: (580) 566-2243

Bristow and Creek County housing authority
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK033
1110 S Chestnut Street
Bristow, OK 74010
Phone: (918) 367-5558 Fax: (918) 367-2341
For information on section 8, tips on how to apply, and (if not qualified) details on other housing or rent programs, call the Public Housing Authority. They offer vouchers near you. Homeless shelters, transitional housing, ESG grants and other social services can be arranged too.

Broken Bow
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK006
710 E 3rd Street
Broken Bow, OK 74728
Phone: (580) 584-6939 Fax: (580) 584-9671

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK035
122 S. First
Cement, OK 73017
Phone: (405) 489-3674

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK097
123 Vincent Drive
Cheyenne, OK 73628
Phone: (580) 497-3306 Fax: (580) 332-0366
Native Americans and other very low income families in Oklahoma can apply for a section 8 HUD voucher.

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK020
51 Levy Annex
Coalgate, OK 74538
Phone: (580) 927-2575 Fax: (580) 927-2440

Comanche County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK003
9th St & Wilson Av
Comanche, OK 73529
Phone: (580) 439-5333 Fax: (580) 439-8233
Section 8 tenants include senior citizens, the working poor, single mothers and disabled. The housing authority also gives other support to HUD qualified families. Examples may be legal aid to stop housing discrimination or evictions. Or get financial help for rent, section 8, or moving costs.

  • The city of Indiahoma has a housing authority at 308 Bigbow St., Indiahoma, OK 73527. Phone: (580) 429-3405 Fax: (580) 429-3405

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK063
610 D Street
Commerce, OK 74339
Phone: (918) 675-4748 Fax: (918) 675-4186

Cushing and Payne County Housing Authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK132
1713 Cherry Lane
Cushing, OK 74023
Phone: (918) 225-7205 Fax: (918) 225-2053

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK036
101 Chandler Dr.
Cyril, OK 73029
Phone: (580) 464-2439





Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK010
1400 Aspen Drive
Drumright, OK 74030
Phone: (918) 352-9539 Fax: (918) 352-4419

Fort Cobb
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK113
Thames Circle
Fort Cobb, OK 73038
Phone: (405) 643-2111 Fax: (405) 643-9291

Fort Gibson
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK118
501 E. Walnut
Ft. Gibson, OK 74434
For details on the section 8 program in Fort Gibson, dial (918) 478-2051 Fax: (918) 478-3247.
They have lists of rental homes for the city as well as the nearby counties of Cherokee and Muskogee. Hundreds of low income families, the underemployed and even workers with GED or side jobs use the low cost housing too.

Geary Housing Authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK057
329 Troxel Drive
Geary, OK 73040
Phone: (405) 884-2710 Fax: (405) 884-6169

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK021
130 E 1st Street
Grandfield, OK 73546
Phone: (580) 479-5256 Fax: (580) 479-5257

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK092
100 Locust, Unit 12
Granite, OK 73547
Phone: (580) 535-2134 Fax: (580) 535-4634
They run several low income apartments from this PHA. Staff can also refer clients to the HUD section 8 program, when the waiting list is open up.

Guthrie Housing Authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK055
Main address is 1524 E Perkins Avenue
Guthrie, OK 73044
Phone: (405) 282-3246 Fax: (405) 282-2884
This is also the agency for Logan County.

  • Location is Langston 203 S.w. Bond, Langston, OK 73050. Phone: (405) 466-2619 Fax: (580) 332-0366

Heavener Housing Authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK007
201 E Avenue I
Heavener, OK 74937
Phone: (918) 653-2500 Fax: (918) 653-2755
In an effort, get help from HUD section 8 HCV. Or learn about homeless shelters, assisted living for seniors or the disabled, and other financial resources. Anyone that does not want to stay in their area of XXXXX, section 8 can be ported to another state as part of the HUD benefits.

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK142
1708 W Ragan Street
Henryetta, OK 74437
Phone: (918) 652-9651 Fax: (918) 652-9652







Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK089
329 S Lincoln Street
Hobart, OK 73651
Phone: (580) 726-3121 Fax: (580) 726-5026
Financial aid, section 8 housing choice vouchers, TBRA, veteran housing and more is offered from this housing authority near you. Tenants will pay up to 30% of their income for their rent as part of section 8, and vouchers can sometimes pay other costs including utilities or water.

  • Or there is an office Roosevelt, 727 S. Dunn St., Roosevelt, OK 73564. Phone: (580) 639-2765 Fax: (580) 639-2510

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK048
301 Crestview Street
Holdenville, OK 74848
Phone: (405) 379-3375 Fax: (405) 379-3376

Hugo and Choctaw County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK044
300 13th Place
Hugo, OK 74743
Phone: (580) 326-3348 Fax: (580) 326-3484

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK046
501 W 4th Street
Hydro, OK 73048
Phone: (405) 663-2326 Fax: (405) 663-2345

Idabel and McCurtain County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK004
901 Lyndon Road
Idabel, OK 74745
Phone: (580) 286-9444 Fax: (580) 286-9446

  • Another location is Valliant. Address is 301 E Harris Street, Valliant, OK 74764, Phone: (580) 933-7359 Fax: (580) 933-7858

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK105
Address of the Public Housing Authority is 101 S. East Street
Konawa, OK 74849
Phone: (580) 925-3955 Fax: (580) 332-0366

Lawton and Comanche County Housing Authority
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK005
609 SW F Avenue
Lawton, Oklahoma 73501
Phone: (580) 353-7392 Fax: (580) 353-6111
Many government agencies accept application for both Section 8 housing assistance. Learn who to call for rent help in the Lawton area. As the public housing authority can give referrals to charities and churches in Comanche County too.

  • There is also the Indiahoma housing authority. USDA vouchers, low cost homes, and other financial aid is available. The PHA is at 308 Bigbow St., Indiahoma, OK 73527, Phone: (580) 429-3405 Fax: (580) 429-3405.

Lone Wolf
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK147
901 Walker Circle
Lone Wolf, OK 73655
Phone: (580) 846-5401 Fax: (580) 846-9198

Madill and Marshall Count Housing Authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK030
1036 Ridgeview Drive
Madill, OK 73446
Phone: (580) 795-2790 Fax: (580) 795-2855

  • Another location is Kingston, 1220 Gary Drive, Kingston, OK 73439. Phone: (580) 564-3309 Fax: (580) 332-0366

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK039
525 E Lincoln Street
Mangum, OK 73554
Phone: (580) 782-3560 Fax: (580) 782-2456

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK083
320 E Oak Street
Maud, OK 74854
Phone: (405) 374-2800 Fax: (405) 374-9935

Mc Alester and Pittsburg County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK062
620 W Kiowa Avenue
McAlester, OK 74501
Phone: (918) 423-3345 Fax: (918) 426-3064

  • Location is Krebs. Address is 300 NW Electric, Krebs, OK 74554. Phone: (918) 423-4209 Fax: (918) 426-4252
  • Try Hartshorne PHA at 615 Wichita Avenue, Hartshorne, OK 74547, Phone: (918) 297-3270 Fax: (918) 297-3398

Miami and Ottawa County Housing Authority
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK027
205 B Street NE
Miami, OK 74354
Phone: (918) 542-6691 Fax: (918) 542-2439
Section 8 Government Programs is offered in this county. Case workers help families or individuals apply. Case management, self-sufficiency, and other financial aid is arranged too.

  • Another office is in Afton. The address is 214 S East Street, Afton, OK 74331, Phone: (918) 257-4300 Fax: (918) 257-6044

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK084
400 SW 6th Street
Minco, OK 73059
Phone: (405) 352-4996 Fax: (405) 352-5058

Mountain Park
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK108
803 Komalty
Mountain Park, OK 73559
Phone: (580) 569-2868 Fax: (580) 569-4475

Mountain View
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK154
1441 Washita
Mountain View, OK 73062
Phone: (580) 347-2863 Fax: (580) 347-2863

Muskogee County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK099
220 N 40th Street
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401
Phone: (918) 687-6301 Fax: (918) 687-3249
Churches, charities, and even agencies like the Salvation Army partner with the PHA. Together they offer supportive as well as low income housing to the needy. Locate additional Muskogee County Salvation Army assistance programs.





Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK056
311 N Main Street
Newkirk, OK 74647
Phone: (580) 362-3167 Fax: (580) 362-6218

Norman and Cleveland County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK139
700 N Berry Road
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: (405) 329-0933 Fax: (405) 329-2542
Find other housing and rent assistance programs in Cleveland County Oklahoma. Low income have more options then just Section 8 Housing. Legal aid, social services, cash aid, and other resources can help low income tenants or even the homeless. There is also housing assistance from Central OK Community Action.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK022
300 S Kennedy
Oilton, OK 74052
Phone: (918) 862-3666 Fax: (918) 862-3165

Oklahoma City and County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK002
1700 NE 4th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Phone: (405) 239-7551 Fax: (405) 235-4520
The local housing authority is a resources for the low income, unemployed, working poor and others. There are lists of apartments, homes, and houses that can be rented using section 8 vouchers. Or learn about local charities, churches, and government assistance programs, including homeless prevention, TANF cash aid, and others. Find additional ways to get help with rent in Oklahoma County. This is the largest PHA in the state due to the population of the city.

  • Or try Del City. Office is 4613 Tinker Diagonal Street, Del City, OK 73115, Phone: (405) 672-1412 Fax: (405) 672-6676

Type: Section 8, Code: OK901
Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency
Oklahoma City,, OK 73116
Phone: (405) 419-8276 Fax: (405) 419-9276
This is the statewide agency. They offer ESG grants, foreclosure and eviction help, and other support. Find homeless prevention in Oklahoma.

Pauls Valley
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK149
300 Melville Drive
Pauls Valley, OK 73075
Phone: (405) 238-7507 Fax: (580) 332-0366

Osage County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK123
200 Atlantic Field Rd.
Pawhuska, OK 74056
Phone: (918) 287-2270 Fax: (918) 287-2224
Low income apartments, homes, and condos are available. Vouchers can pay some of the rent for the units, provided the family qualifies.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK060
406 4th Street
Pawnee, OK 74058
Phone: (918) 762-3316 Fax: (918) 762-3823

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK012
Picher, OK 74360
Phone: (918) 673-2126 Fax: (918) 673-2131

Ponca City
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK111
201 E Broadway Avenue
Ponca City, OK 74601
Phone: (580) 762-4445 Fax: (580) 762-8770
The PHA help low income families pay for rent or mortgages using section 8 vouchers. As needed, clients can use homeless shelters, security deposit help, or transferring/porting vouchers. Case workers from the housing authority help the poor, single mothers and others.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK011
607 Mitacek Ave
Prague, OK 74864
Phone: (405) 567-3337 Fax: (405) 567-2112

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK041. Call them for additional low income rent and housing assistance programs.
200 West D Street
Ringling, Oklahoma 73456
Phone: (580) 662-2227 Fax: (580) 622-2097

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK085
1400 Grant
Ryan, OK 73565
Phone: (580) 757-2390 Fax: (580) 757-2653

Sayre and Beckham County housing authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK040
1310 N 2nd Street
Sayre, OK 73662
Phone: (580) 928-3690
Call the PHA for lists of apartments, homes, and private rented houses that are section 8 eligible. There is a waiting list online as well as expedited section 8. Or the housing authority can give free advise to tenants on how to port a section 8 voucher to another state, county, or city so they can move.

  • Another agency is in Elk City. Location - 1510 W 9th Street, Elk City, OK 73644, Phone: (580) 225-0129 Fax: (580) 225-0190





Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK064
507 N Oak Street
Seiling, OK 73663
Phone: (580) 922-4297 Fax: (580) 922-4397

Shawnee and Pottawatomie County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK095
601 W 7th Street
Shawnee, OK 74801
Phone: (405) 275-6330 Fax: (405) 273-9344
In addition to Section 8 Housing assistance, government agencies, charities, and local non-profits offer numerous other ways to get rent and housing help. Call them to learn more on Pottawatomie County Oklahoma assistance programs.

  • Location is Tecumseh, 601 Leisure Drive, Tecumseh, OK 74873, Phone: (405) 598-3244 Fax: (405) 598-6614

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK018
300 E Street
Snyder, OK 73566
Phone: (580) 569-2827 Fax: (580) 569-2282

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK037
E. Hancock St.
Sterling, OK 73567
Phone: (580) 365-4862 Fax: (580) 365-4738

Stigler and Haskell County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK013
200 SE B Street
Stigler, OK 74462
Phone: (918) 967-2631 Fax: (918) 967-4132
Housing programs offered - Apply for section 8, learn about homeless prevention, and apply for one of the low-income apartments in the region.

  • Or try Keota at 3rd & Grand, Keota, OK 74941. Phone: (918) 966-3202 Fax: (918) 966-3406

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK146
807 S Lowry Street
Stillwater, OK 74074
Phone: (405) 372-4906 Fax: (405) 372-1416
Clients from the HUD voucher here range from the disabled to senior citizens who live on a fixed income. The income cut off is 30%, and that is what section 8 considers.

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK067
This PHA is at 4th St
Stilwell, OK 74960
Phone: (918) 687-6301 Fax: (918) 687-3249

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK086
10 Drake St.
Stratford, OK 74872
Phone: (580) 759-3184 Fax: (580) 759-3378

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK050
Hillcrest Dr.
Stroud, OK 74079
Phone: (918) 968-3485 Fax: (918) 968-3144

Talihina and Le Flore County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK088
1st And Emmett Street
Talihina, OK 74571
Phone: (918) 567-2986
Apply for section 8 housing choice vouchers, TBRA, or self-sufficiency from the non-profit. The agency partners with dozens of property owner, landowners, and apartment communities to help arrange section 8 vouchers for paying rent. Or get help from homebuying programs for the voucher.

Terral and Jefferson County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK070
508 E. Chickasaw
Terral, OK 73569
Phone: (580) 437-2433 Fax: (580) 437-2433

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK116
224 NW 5th St.
Tipton, OK 73570
Phone: (580) 667-5358 Fax: (580) 667-5358

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK066
1005 N Byrd Street
Tishomingo, OK 73460
Phone: (580) 371-2543 Fax: (580) 371-2236

Tulsa County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK073
415 E Independence Street
Tulsa, OK 74106
Phone: (918) 582-0021 Fax: (918) 582-0645
Tulsa county families can try this housing authority. They offer low cost, income based homes and apartments (in partnership with landlords) to lease. Emergency section 8 is also offered as well as homeless shelters. Apply for other Tulsa County Oklahoma housing and rent assistance.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK071
412 E Bond
Tuttle, OK 73089
Phone: (405) 381-2721 Fax: (405) 381-9674

Walters and Cotton County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK017
Location is 500 E California Street
Walters, OK 73572
Phone: (580) 875-2310 Fax: (580) 875-2211

  • The second housing authority is in Temple. Main address 100 McClain Street, Temple, OK 73568, Call the office at (580) 342-5013 Fax: (580) 342-5013. Call them for vouchers as well as updates on the waiting lists.

Watonga Housing Authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK023
Main address is 117 N Spiece Avenue
Watonga, OK 73772
Phone: (580) 623-4623 Fax: (580) 623-4622. This also covers Blaine County.







Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK079
811 Phillips Avenue
Waurika, OK 73573
Phone: (580) 228-2976 Fax: () -

Waynoka and Woods County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK103
1237 Main St.
Waynoka, OK 73860
Phone: (580) 824-5331 Fax: (580) 824-5331
Call the housing agency for lists of rental homes near you. As landlords work with the housing authority to lease out section 8 eligible homes to the low income as well as working poor. They also give referrals to charities as well as churches for rent help.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK028
300 S. Choctaw
Weleetka, OK 74880
Phone: (405) 786-2156 Fax: (405) 786-2425

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK031. Also find section 8 and other housing support and resources.
121 N Canadian Street
Wetumka, OK 74883
Phone: (405) 452-3444 Fax: (405) 452-5060

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: OK096
316 W 4th Street
Wewoka, OK 74884
Phone: (405) 257-5717 Fax: (405) 257-5677

  • A second office for Seminole County is in Seminole. Address is 111 Randolph Drive, Seminole, OK 74868, Phone: (405) 382-3081 Fax: (405) 382-3082

Wilburton Housing Authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK029
Primary mailing address is 600 E Ash Avenue
Wilburton, OK 74578
Phone: (918) 465-2134 Fax: (918) 465-5337
Whether it is section 8 HUD vouchers, or a family seeking to get off off assistance to buy a house, assistance is available from this Oklahoma non-profit. They also offer job programs, case management, SSVF for veterans and other low income housing solutions.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK087
702 Senior Drive
Wister, OK 74966
Phone: (918) 655-3323 Fax: (918) 655-3362

Wynnewood and Garvin County Housing Authority
Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK065
806 E Colbert Street
Wynnewood, OK 73098
Phone: (405) 665-2223 Fax: (405) 665-5833
There are online section 8 applications as well as those in an office. Stop by for information or to apply for the HUD program. The vouchers can be used to pay rent, utility bills, and other costs. LIHEAP is another resources offered. Call the agency to learn how to get rent free homes or section 8 vouchers.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: OK120
601 Watson Dr.
Yale, Oklahoma 74085
Phone: (918) 387-2181 Fax: (918) 387-2773

By Jon McNamara

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