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Colorado Section 8 Housing.

The Colorado Section 8 Housing Voucher program provides low income families, seniors, and the disabled with financial assistance. This government funded program provides low cost homes, apartments, and private rental properties to tenants. There is also emergency section 8 housing assistance to elderly and low income individuals or families. Many housing authorities listed below as well as non profit agencies throughout Colorado administer the Section 8 housing program near you, and find who to call to apply below.

Very low income families can receive subsidized homes (which is a form of rental help) from the Section-8 housing voucher program. Assistance is focused on the elderly, disabled, single moms and very low-income families in Colorado who meet program guidelines. Beneficiaries of the vouchers are able to select their own housing units, provided it meets qualifications. Many landlords work with housing authorities near you to rent out their properties. There may be townhouses, apartments and even single-family homes that accept section 8 vouchers.

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program provides the low income with support. It is done in the form of direct monthly payments to property owners and landlords, and the vouchers will pay a portion on the family’s rent. Landlords need to of course agree to this arrangement. in addition, the single person (or family) who is enrolled into the Colorado section 8 program also needs to pay up to 30% of their income for their housing (rent, utilities, water, etc).

Individuals who receive the subsidy must also agree and abide by their lease rental agreement from the landlord and the Colorado Section 8 program requirements. The family will still need to pay a portion of their housing costs, and they will owe the difference between the actual rent charged by the landlord and the amount subsidized by the Section 8 HCV housing program.

Housing authorities in Colorado to apply to for section 8 near you

Alamosa County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO004
213 Murphy Drive
Alamosa, Colorado 81101
Phone: (719) 589-6694 Fax: (719) 589-8474




Type: Section 8, Code: CO050
8001 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002
Phone: (720) 898-7494 Fax: (720) 898-7490
The public housing authority (PHA) not only processes applications for section 8 housing, but they provide referrals, case management, credit services, and more. As the Jefferson and Adams County region housing authority works with tenants to make homes affordable and sustainable using section 8 HCV.

Aurora and Arapahoe County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO052
10745 E Kentucky Avenue
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (720) 251-2100 Fax: (303) 340-1972
Emergency section 8 can be applied to online. Or residents of the city and county can get details on the waiting list. there are also ESG grants, loans to pay rent, assisted living for the elderly and more. Find additional Arapahoe County County rent assistance programs.

  • Another office is Sheridan, 3460 S. Sherman Street, Englewood, CO 80110, Phone: (303) 761-6200 Fax: (303) 781-5503

Boulder County Housing Authority
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO059 and Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO061
3482 N. Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304
Phone: (303) 441-3929 Fax: (303) 441-1537
Call this location for information on government rental subsidies and other private or public housing programs.  in addition, the public housing authority in Boulder will go over section 8 home buying programs. In addition to Section 8 Housing Vouchers, there are other ways to apply for and get help with bill, section 8 seucrity deposits and rent in Boulder County Colorado. Read more on rent help Boulder County.

  • Or the disabled can get low income, supportive and subsidized housing from the Center for People With Disabilities. The address is 1675 Ranger Street, Boulder, CO 80301, Phone: (303) 442-8662 Fax: (303) 442-0502





Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO044
612 Ray Street
Brush, CO 80723
Phone: (970) 842-5046 Fax: (970) 842-5007

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO030
944 Lowell Avenue
Burlington, CO 80807
Phone: (719) 346-5464 Fax: (719) 346-5077

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO043
138 S Worth Street
Center, CO 81125
Phone: (719) 754-2537 Fax: (719) 754-2477
The non-profit housing authority runs the section 8 voucher program for low income families, the working poor, qualified seniors, and others who qualify. if the waiting list is full, call about expedited section 8 HCV.

Cheyenne Wells
Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO026
1245 N 1st Street W
Cheyenne Wells, CO 80810
Phone: (719) 767-5964 Fax: (719) 767-5396

Manitou Springs, El Paso County and Colorado Spring Housing Authority
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO028
831 S. Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
Phone: (719) 387-6700 Fax: (719) 632-7807
Call the PHA for requirements. They have lists of single bedroom or multiple bedroom apartments for lease from private landlords. they are all income subsidized homes. Find other El Paso Count rent and housing assistance programs.

Adams County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO058
7190 Colorado Boulevard
Commerce City, CO 80022
Phone: (303) 227-2075 Fax: (303) 227-2098

  • The county covers multiple regions. However any in Brighton can try 22 S 4th Avenue, Brighton, CO 80601 , Phone: (303) 655-2160 Fax: (303) 655-2164 for section 8.





Montezuma County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO079
37 N Madison Street
Cortez, CO 81321
Phone: (970) 565-3831 Fax: (970) 565-0860

Delta County Public Housing Authority
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO040
501 14th Street
Delta, CO 81416
Phone: (970) 874-7266 Fax: (970) 874-8612

Colorado Department Human Services
Type: Section 8, Code: CO901
4020 South Newton St.
Denver, CO 80236
Phone: (303) 866-7350 Fax: (303) 866-7359
They work with charities, social service offices and local municipalities to help the poor, immigrants, single moms and dads and others. Section 8 is one program. But there are also ESG grants, loans, and more for both tenants and homeowners. Continue with Colorado homeless prevention and rapid rehousing.

  • Another government agency known as CHFA is at 1981 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80202. Phone: (303) 297-7411 Fax: (303) 297-0911

Denver County Housing Authority
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO001
777 Grant Street
Denver, Colorado 80203
Phone: (720) 932-3000 Fax: (720) 932-3001
Thousands of families and single adults get section 8 vouchers to help pay housing costs - both rent, utilities and mortgages. The low income elderly, people on SSI disability and others in a crisis can also inquire in emergency section 8. All clients need to sign up for self-sufficiency as well. Apply for rent and housing aid from Section 8. Locate additional Denver County rent assistance programs to help with housing.

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO048
Englewood, CO 80113
Phone: (303) 761-6200 Fax: (303) 781-5503

Fort Lupton
Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO029
400 2nd Street
Fort Lupton, CO 80621
Phone: (303) 857-4400 Fax: (303) 857-6847







Fort Morgan
Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO011
Fort Morgan, CO 80701
Phone: (970) 867-2734 Fax: (970) 867-7303
The PHA may have referrals to local non-profits that have funds for paying energy or deposits. Guidance and case management is also provided.

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO071
501 E Iowa Avenue
Fountain, CO 80817
Phone: (719) 382-5639 Fax: (719) 382-4113

Larimer County
Type: Section 8, Code: CO103. The Colorado agency also accepts application for Section 8 Vouchers and other rent assistance programs.
1715 W. Mountain Ave.
Ft. Collins, CO 80521
Phone: (970) 416-2910 Fax: (970) 221-0821

  • Another location is in Loveland. Address is 375 W 37th Street, Loveland, CO 80538, Phone: (970) 667-3232 Fax: (970) 667-2860.

Grand Junction and Mesa County Housing Authority
Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO051
1011 North Tenth Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: (970) 245-0388 Fax: (970) 241-5514
Housing Authority programs include ESG grants; public housing; lists of apartments or homes; resources for landlords in Mesa County; Section 202 housing for the elderly; disabled resources; and more.

Weld County
Type: Section 8, Code: CO090
315 N. 11th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80631
Phone: (970) 353-7437 Fax: (970) 353-7463

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO017
136 S Miller Avenue
Haxtun, CO 80731
Phone: (970) 774-7251 Fax: (970) 774-6646

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO007
876 W Cliff St
Holly, CO 81047
Phone: (719) 537-0191 Fax: (719) 537-0191

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO023. The program also provides Section 8 Housing Vouchers.
330 W Kellogg Street
Holyoke, CO 80734
Phone: (970) 854-2289 Fax: (970) 854-2245

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO021
520 W 9th Street
Julesburg, CO 80737
Phone: (970) 474-3675 Fax: (970) 474-2072
Income based section 8 housing (in which the tenant pays 30% of their income for the home) is available from the housing authority. Or apply for Family Self-Sufficiency; public housing for the homeless; ESG or LIHEAP grants; and more. The housing authority offers many services.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO020
250 Woodward Street
Keenesburg, CO 80643
Phone: (303) 732-4221 Fax: (303) 732-0979

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO018
109 1st Street
Kersey, CO 80644
Phone: (970) 351-8229 Fax: (970) 336-1178





Conejos County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO038
510 Richfield Road
La Jara, CO 81140
Phone: (719) 274-5417 Fax: (719) 274-0417

  • Another housing authority is in Antonito. Address is 525 River, Antonito, CO 81120, Phone: (719) 376-5487 Fax: (719) 376-5405

La Junta
Type: Section 8, Code: CO101
315 E 5th Street
La Junta, CO 81050
Phone: (719) 384-9055 Fax: (719) 384-7221

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO006
804 South Main Street
Lamar, CO 81052
Phone: (719) 336-9575 Fax: (719) 336-9529

Las Animas
Type: Section 8, Code: CO024
332 Prowers Ct.
Las Animas, CO 81054
Phone: (719) 456-2748 Fax: (719) 456-2744

Or try the office in Aguilar. Low income families can apply for section 8 at this office or online. The address is 301 W. Main, Aguilar, Colorado 81020, Phone: (719) 941-4357 Fax: (719) 941-4191

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO012
1880 Circle Lane
Limon, CO 80828
Phone: (719) 775-9309 Fax: (719) 775-9309

Littleton (multiple counties)
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO036
5745 S. Bannock St.
Littleton, CO 80120
Phone: (303) 794-9608 Fax: (303) 794-0806

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO070
1228 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501
Phone: (303) 651-8581 Fax: (303) 682-2899

Montrose County
Type: Section 8, Code: CO087
222 HAP Court
Olathe, CO 81425
Phone: (970) 323-5445 Fax: (970) 323-6179

Archuleta County
Type: Section 8, Code: CO081
PO Box 1507
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Phone: (970) 731-3877

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO002
1414 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Pueblo, Colorado 81003
Phone: (719) 544-6230 Fax: (719) 546-5364
They can provide referrals too. As there are government resources, banks, credit unions, and charities for the low income. Ask the housing authority about additional Pueblo Colorado assistance programs.

Garfield County
Type: Section 8, Code: CO095
1430-F Railroad Avenue
Rifle, CO 81650
Phone: (970) 625-3589 Fax: (970) 625-0859

Rocky Ford
Type: Section 8, Code: CO045
806 Catalpa Avenue
Rocky Ford, CO 81067
Phone: (719) 254-6902 Fax: (719) 254-6867
The cost of housing in Otero county is very high. Section 8 can be a solution. The public housing authority own, operates, and manages homes, apartments, and houses that are section 8 eligible. They accept payments for the rent, make repairs to the properties, and offer other services.





Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO013
525 W 16th Street
Salida, CO 81201
Phone: (719) 539-6243 Fax: (719) 539-5317

Costilla County
Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO037
915 Pedro Street
San Luis, CO 81152
Phone: (719) 672-3379 Fax: (719) 672-0145
There may be a waiting list in order to receive the section 8 vouchers. Clients can also get information on, and access to, other self-sufficiency resources that can cause the root cause of the housing crisis.

Sterling and Logan County HA
Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO025
1200 N. Fifth Street
Sterling, CO 80751
Phone: (970) 522-0869 Fax: (970) 522-6902

Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO005
Trinidad, CO 81082
Phone: (719) 846-7204 Fax: (719) 846-8217

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO003, including Section 8 housing vouchers
220 Russell Avenue
Walsenburg, Colorado 81089
Phone: (719) 738-2720 Fax: (719) 738-2258

Jefferson County
Type: Low Rent and Section 8, Code: CO072
7490 W. 45th Avenue
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: (303) 422-8600 Fax: (303) 422-3229
Staff from the PHA help low income families find, pay for, and maintain affordable, safe homes. The resource used is section 8 HCV. One or multiple bedroom apartments are offered. They also give referrals to storage or moving cost help, TANF cash benefits, section 202 vouchers for seniors and other support. More Jefferson County Colorado rent help, Section 8, and housing programs.

  • Another non-profit is Metro West Housing Solutions, 575 Union Blvd, Suite 100, Lakewood, CO 80228. Phone: (303) 987-7580 Fax: (303) 987-7693. Vouchers can be used from this housing agency for rent and other costs here too.

Type: Low-Rent, Code: CO009
700 W 3rd Avenue
Yuma, Colorado 80759
Phone: (970) 848-5590 Fax: (970) 848-5611

  • Another location of a housing authority is Wray, Hale, Wray, CO 80758, Phone: (970) 332-4238 Fax: (970) 332-4238

By Jon McNamara

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