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Oklahoma uninsured medical assistance programs and health insurance plans.

Uninsured and low income families in Oklahoma who need access to free or affordable health insurance have several different options available to them. The state government offers assistance, often in partnership with non-profits or various agencies from the federal government. Thousands of under or uninsured residents receive some form of medical care from these resources every year.

While the exact type and availability of services will vary based on funding and the applicants financial condition, some of what be offered includes discounted medications, medical equipment, checkups, and more. Individuals can also look into some of the federal government created programs, such as Medicaid and/or the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan. Both of these resources will help people pay their medical bills by offering patients affordable, yet high quality care.

The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan is both federal and state government public health insurance for families and individuals denied medical coverage due to pre-existing medical conditions. This can pay for a number of different medical and hospital bills and costs. If you are qualified, the PCIP plan can offer consumers a broad range of health benefits, including prescription drugs, primary, hospital and specialty care.

All of these government benefits are available to treat a pre-existing condition. While there are a few different plans for participants to choose from that are coordinated by the state of Oklahoma, it will help pay for their deductibles, premiums, and other out of pocket limits. Call 877-885-3717. Or if this plan on pre-existing conditions is not an option, then find other government or charitable programs that offer financial help paying health insurance deductibles.

Federal government sponsored health care is offered in the state from Medicaid. This is free (or lower cost) medical care for low income families with emphasis on the elderly, disabled, pregnant women, and of course children. The Oklahoma Medicaid program can ensure residents can get comprehensive medical coverage for a variety of needs. This can include inpatient, emergency and outpatient hospital services, the care of a physician and/or nurse midwife, lab and x-ray work as well as family planning. Call 800-552-8627.

Medicaid, which is a free state and federal health insurance policy, is offered in Oklahoma under the name of SoonerCare. Patients can receive free or low cost, yet high quality health care services. The aid is offered to eligible low-income individuals and families. Government funding can pay for a wide variety of costs, including prescriptions, doctor bills, lab and x-ray services, and more. While there are no costs involved, in certain cases co-pays may apply to some of the health care services. Call 800-522-0310.




SoonerStart is free health insurance that available for infants and toddlers. It was created to serve as an early intervention program and it can help address the health of infants and toddlers with developmental delays or disabilities. What is included is extensive. Medical bill assistance may be available for physical and speech-language therapy, nursing services, diagnostics, home visits, and more. Some of the services are provided in the child's daycare, home, church, or other natural environment. There are no costs involved to the family (meaning the assistance is free), regardless of their household income, as this is a form of government subsidized Medicaid. Call 800-987-7767.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech will help make assistive technology equipment, devices and services more available to the disabled as well as their immediate family members. It will allow qualified people with disabilities to function more independently in education, recreation, employment, and their daily living activities. Examples of what may be provided by ABLE Tech include free wheelchairs, scooters, hearing aids, specialized computer hardware/software, and more. There are 4 main components, and they include short-term equipment loans; AT reutilization, low-interest bank loans and surplus equipment that was previously used for demonstration. Call 888-885-5588.

The Oklahoma Cares Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment is available for those lacking insurance or proper coverage. The state, working with non-profits, can coordinate and pay for the treatment for pre-cancerous conditions or a full blown case. The service is offered at dozens of locations across the state. Applicants will need to be screened under the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) as well as under the age of 65. Main number is 866-550-5585.

ICanConnect Oklahoma is health insurance and medical equipment for residents that have a hearing and/or vision problem. The state, working with partners, will help those who are qualified get free eyeglasses or hearing aids. Assistive devices may be offered as well, including cell or landline phones, or they can get transportation services for the disabled. Or they help them apply for free health insurance for other healthcare needs. Call 918-551-4921.

Programs are offered for individuals with HIV or AIDs. The HDAP Drug Assistance Program is for uninsured patients. Prescription medications and vaccines are offered to eligible individuals in Oklahoma and participants may receive up to a 30 day supply of any needed drugs. The second option is the HIV Insurance Assistance Program, or HIAP. This is direct financial assistance with paying for health insurance plans to those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. It can help people receive the medical care they need. The telephone number is 800-522-0203.







Children and infants can benefit from the Vaccines for Children Program, or VFC. The state will do their best to address diseases that are preventable by vaccines. This can include influenza, polio, and tetanus, among many others. Call 405-271-4073 for a clinic or distribution site near you.

Discounted medications may be available from RX for Oklahoma. Case managers will help patient’s access affordable and reasonably priced prescription drugs. This is offered in partnership with various pharmaceutical companies. All applicants need to be uninsured or lack proper coverage. They also need to be income qualified, and there are no age restrictions. Some exceptions may be made for Medicare Part D and Medicaid beneficiaries and only those faced with unique circumstances may qualify for the RX program. Case managers from the non-profit will help people with completing the paperwork required to apply and there are no costs involved for the assistance. Call 800-879-6552.

The BCCEDP Program is known as Take Charge. It will pay for the screening for breast and cervical cancer for women between the ages of 50 and 65. Assistance is only offered for people that are uninsured and/or have an unmet deductible of at least $150.

TEFRA is care for children with disabilities. It is a government sponsored Medicaid program that allows handicapped and disabled children to be cared for in their current home. It provides for occupational and physical therapy, well-child visits, outpatient, pharmacy, emergency and non-emergency transportation, medical equipment, physical therapy, speech therapy, and dental care. 800-987-7767


By Jon McNamara

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