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Financial assistance programs New Jersey.

Locate grants and financial assistance in all New Jersey counties and cities listed below, including Newark as well as Jersey City. Find assistance with paying utility bills, a mortgage or rent payment, medical care, free food, and transportation help as well. In addition to the state run government assistance programs you will find below, you can also locate non-profits organizations as well as charities in New Jersey that can provide you with financial help.

Kinship Navigator Program
Kinship care is assistance that is provided by grandparents and other relatives who care for their family member's children. The Kinship Navigator Program is a referral and information service that was established by charities to help relatives navigate their way through the various governmental systems to find the local support they may need, including cash assistance, support groups, child care resources, medical coverage, housing assistance, and respite services. In addition to the navigator service, monthly subsidies and cash grants are also available to eligible kinship caregivers to help them pay their bills and debt. Call 1-877-816-3211

New Jersey Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Prevention
New Jersey offers programs that assist families with paying their mortgages, and the state can also help those who may be in need avoid foreclosure. Get information on government as well as free non-profit programs. Read more on mortgage help in New Jersey.

The state of New Jersey also has a mediation program that will help lenders and homeowners agree to a solution to stop a foreclosure. This involves “neutral” mediators that negotiate a solution.

The federal government also approves non-profits to help. Find a listing of New Jersey HUD approved foreclosure counseling agencies as well as law firms.

NJ WorkAbility
Provides health insurance coverage to those who work, and whose income makes them ineligible for Medicaid. It will also help the disabled with paying their medical bills as well as outstanding debt. Dial 1-888-285-3036 for details, or find other government free health insurance policies.




Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program - Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD)
A prescription drug discount program for the disabled as well as seniors in need. The savings that are offered can help them pay for prescribed medications and drugs. A program that provides insurance and drug coverage for prescribed legend drugs, such as insulin, life threatening  medications and insulin supplies. As noted on this there are many other prescription drug assistance programs in New Jersey. Call 1-800-792-9745.

Stop Medical Debt Collectors in New Jersey
New Jersey government laws provide consumers help with dealing with medical debt collectors. There are rules and regulations in place. The state will also ensure people have access to free health care. More on programs to stop debt collectors.

Charity Care - Hospital Care Payment Assistance Program
This program provides free or very low cost medical care for lower income patients who receive outpatient or inpatient services at an acute care hospital in NJ. The state offers financial aid to help pay bills. Call 1-800-367-6543.

This is a financial assistance program that will help pay for doctor and hospital bills. The program provides free or low cost health care to lower income patients who are admitted to hospitals throughout New Jersey. To be eligible for aid, those in need of help can’t have insurance, or they need to have limited health insurance coverage.

New Jersey State Rental Assistance Program
This is a rental assistance program offered by New Jersey for low-income families, individuals, single mom, immigrants or households. The program will help residents with paying their rent or deposits. Assistance is offered in the form of rental assistance grants. Call 609-292-4080, or find free housing assistance.





New Jersey Family Care
Provides free or very low-cost health insurance to lower income working families and also their children. Those eligible for aid from this program include parents with incomes up to 200% of the federal poverty level, and children that are in families earning up to 350% of the federal poverty level.

Provided through the NJ FamilyCare program, this helps financially eligible families who need health insurance  obtain it to help cover the cost of routine physician visits, hospitalizations, prescriptions, lab tests, x-rays, eyeglasses, eye exams, and other medical bills for themselves and for their children. It will also pay for dental care for most children and for some adults. Call 1-800-701-0710 for details or applications to this free government health care in New Jersey.

Free Credit Counseling for Debts and Mortgage Assistance
Find details on non-profit organizations that offer New Jersey residents credit counseling services. A number of debt consolidation, housing, credit card hardship and auto programs are offered. The non-profits can help pay bills and loans are offered. More on New Jersey free credit counseling.

The NJ Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
This aid is based on the federal EITC, and it provides a fully refundable credit to help boost the paychecks of low-income families.

Telephone Assistance - Home and Cellular
Lifeline is available to low income families in New Jersey. It provides savings on both a monthly phone bill and the installation cost. There are also discounts for residents that collect SSI, food stamps, and other government benefits. More on Lifeline in New Jersey.

Senior Freeze Property Tax Relief
Receive property tax assistance from the Senior Freeze program. Eligible seniors as well as disabled residents will receive reimbursement for the difference between their local property taxes that were paid the first year they enrolled in the tax assistance program and what their current property tax bill is. The state also provides additional help with paying property taxes. Find more details on financial help paying property taxes.

Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund
This will provide eligible families with financial assistance. Funds as well as government grants can help those low income families cover medical expenses that were incurred because their child became injured or catastrophically ill. Covered expenses provided for children ages 0 to 21 include, but are not limited to, acute or specialized in- or out - patient hospital care, special ambulatory care, medical equipment, home health care, medically - related home and vehicle modifications, and medical transportation. Phone 1-800-335-3863, or read more on New Jersey Catastrophic Illness Fund.

WorkFirst New Jersey(WFNJ)
This is New Jersey public assistance grant program that offers cash aid. It was created to help families move to self-sufficiency by offering families and individuals a full array of support, from health insurance, child care, and transportation, up to substance abuse treatment and emergency funds to pay their bills for the short term. Recipients who need the help will face a five-year lifetime limit on cash assistance, and they also must become employed or take part in work activities.





Section 8 Rental Assistance Vouchers
A key program in New Jersey for low income families is available as part of the section 8 HUD housing organization. Rent subsidies as well as apartments are offered. There are additional housing resources for the disabled as well as senior citizens. Read more New Jersey housing vouchers.

Government Disability Assistance Programs
Individuals in New Jersey, as well as their families, can access resources that are specifically for the disabled. The state provides health care, limited financial assistance for medical bills and heating bills, home care, SSI applications as well as other support. Organizations will also help individuals apply for SSDI or federal government disability benefits and compensation. Continue with disability benefits in New Jersey.

Cash Assistance in a Crisis
Low income families with children, seniors, the working poor, and other disadvantaged families may be able to receive help for paying bills, rent, and other expenses. The Human Services Department runs a program that offers help in a crisis. More on New Jersey emergency assistance.

Legal Assistance
Find resources that provide free legal assistance as well as advice in New Jersey. Lawyers offer free advice, representation and guidance. Federal government grants fund the programs. Click here free legal aid in New Jersey.

Eviction Assistance and Government Programs for the Homeless
New Jersey uses Housing and Urban Development grants to fund programs such as emergency rental assistance, transitional housing, and programs that can help pay security deposits on low income housing. Non-profits focus on helping struggling families facing eviction and also rehousing the homeless. More on eviction prevention in New Jersey.

An entitlement program that currently provides health insurance for hundreds of thousands of very low-income New Jersey parents, people who are aged, children, as well as the blind or disabled. The program pays for doctor, hospital, prescription drug bills, nursing home expenses and many other health care benefits. Or even find other resources, including government and charity prescription drug programs.

Employment Services, Education Programs and Government Grants
Residents who meet low income guidelines or who are faced with poverty can get help from their local community action agency. Resources available to New Jersey families include job training, career counseling, grants for paying housing or energy costs, and financial support. Continue New Jersey community action agency.

Other employment related programs include assistance with job searches, training, and career counseling. Services are offered for the unemployed and residents looking to gain experience or a skill to increase their income. Continue with free job training in New Jersey.

New Jersey Senior Programs
The organization to call is the Aging & Disability Resource Connection. They operate a number of offices across the state, and can provide various forms of assistance or advice. There is government aid, grants, free stuff and support to senior citizens and the elderly. More New Jersey senior citizen assistance.

Social Services and Government Cash Assistance
New Jersey offers low income residents access to a number of  assistance programs. Find where to get free food, cash, health care, financial assistance for child care, SNAP food stamps and much more. More on New Jersey public assistance.

Case Management in New Jersey and Charity Assistance
One of the leading charity organizations, the Salvation Army, can provide limited amounts of financial assistance for living expenses. Programs can pay for housing, medications, electric bills, food, Christmas toys, and more. Also get advice and referrals from a case manager. Learn more on New Jersey Salvation Army.







New Jersey Free Food Banks and Distribution Centers
Individuals and families who need help across the state can turn to non-profit food banks as well as emergency pantries. These centers and organizations can provide free food, groceries, meals and other resources to those who need help. More on New Jersey free food banks.

Utility and Heating Bills
Find a comprehensive listing of the programs that are offered by utility companies in New Jersey that can help customers pay their bills. There are payment plans, rebates, disconnection help and other services. Read more on New Jersey utility bill help.

Day and Free Child Care Subsidy Program
Parents that are working or that are attending school or job training may receive government assistance from New Jersey in paying for their child care expenses. A partial payment, or subsidy, can be provided to qualified low income families. Read New Jersey free child care assistance programs.

Community Clinics and Free Health Care
There are dozens of free community clinics in New Jersey that provide free or low cost medical care to the low income as well as people without health insurance. Free care is for adults as well as children. Click here to get more information on free community clinics in New Jersey.

Residents who need help to address a dental need also have options available to them. Government assistance and charitable centers offer free help. Read about free or reduced priced facilities and free dental care clinics in New Jersey.

Patients who do not have health insurance, or whose policy will not pay all of their bills, can look into several programs for free or low cost medical care. A focus is on helping children, providing medications, and helping people with certain conditions (such as cancer). Continue New Jersey uninsured health care programs.

Housing, Rent Assistance, and Homeless Prevention
A state run organization offers emergency rental assistance, money for security deposits, shelter, and housing counseling. This helps tenants as well as homeowners. Find a listing of New Jersey housing programs.

Assistance From New Jersey Cities and Counties

Atlantic County (Mays Landing)

Bergen County (Hackensack)

Burlington County (Mount Holly)

Camden County

Cape May County

Central New Jersey Area

Cumberland County (Bridgeton)

Essex County (Newark)


Gloucester County (Woodbury)





Hudson County (Jersey City)

Hunterdon County (Flemington)

Mercer County (Trenton)

Middlesex County (New Brunswick)

  • Food banks and pantries in Middlesex. More.

Monmouth County (Freehold Borough)

Morris County (Morristown)

Ocean County (Toms River)

Passaic County (Paterson)

Salem County

Somerset County (Somerville)

Sussex County (Newton)

Union County (Elizabeth)

Warren County (Belvidere)

Assistance With Paying Utility and Heating Bills

Home Energy Assistance Program
This will help very low-income residents with paying their heating and also cooling bills. Grants and government money is used. The program also makes provisions for emergency fuel assistance and emergency heating system services within the Home Energy Assistance Program. More on LIHEAP in New Jersey.

Universal Service Fund (USF)
Helps make utility and energy bills more affordable for lower income customers in New Jersey. If you are eligible for aid, USF can help you lower the amount you have to pay for electricity and natural gas.

New Jersey SHARES
This state program can help people pay for their heating, water and utility bills. The program provides home energy grants for up to $1,000 to people whose income is too high for other government programs. So this program is targeted at more moderate income families. Read more on NJ Shares.





Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program
Citizens Energy works closely with countless fuel assistance agencies across New Jersey and they also cooperate with oil heat dealers in over 15 states to provide. together they provide deliveries of free home heating oil to those who need assistance with heating bills. This year, this assistance helped tens of thousands of families with a one-time delivery of 100 gallons of home heating oil.

Government Weatherization Assistance
This program will assist the elderly, low income, and handicapped persons in weatherizing their homes, which will improve their heating system efficiency. It will help New Jersey families them conserve energy.

New Jersey Comfort Partners
This is a residential program that is for lower income families. The financial aid is offered by PSE&G, Jersey Central Power & Light, Rockland Electric Company, New Jersey Natural Gas, Atlantic City Electric (Conectiv), Elizabethtown Gas and also South Jersey Gas. Energy efficiency measures are provided to low income families, and they include some or all of the following.

Clients can get free efficient lighting products and CFL bulbs, refrigerator replacement, hot water and heater conservation measures, air sealing and insulation, duct sealing and also repair, or free programmable thermostats. There are also insulation upgrades, and heating/cooling equipment maintenance, replacement, or repair. They will also provide energy counseling and education to help lower your bills, as well as arrearage forgiveness on outstanding heating or utility bills for participants who agree to payment plans are included.


By Jon McNamara

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