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Missouri uninsured health care programs.

Patients in Missouri who lack health insurance or that have less extensive policies can receive assistance from a number of programs that are focused on the uninsured. Families who have more limited coverage may also be able to benefit. Several different resources are available from the government as well as non-profit organizations that partner with the state.

A diverse number of medical needs can be met. For example, the uninsured can receive discounts on their prescription medications, free checkups or health screening, and some services are also focused on children and/or the disabled. If needed, referrals can usually be offered to more in depth or specialty care if your doctors determines you need it.

So whether you have lost your insurance due to a job loss or maybe your private policy does not cover all of your medical needs, these Missouri programs may be able to assist you during that time.

A statewide Drug Assistance Program is available for patients with AIDs or HIV. The state can provide a long list of HIV/AIDS-related medications that are also FDA approved. Dial 866-628-9891.

Youth and Children with Special Health Care Needs, or CYSHCN, is an early intervention, diagnostic, preventive, and treatment service. Aid is offered for children under age 21 from low income families who also lack insurance. The child also needs to have special medical needs or certain chronic diseases in order to qualify. 800-451-0669.

The Missouri MHIP Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan is offered in partnership with the federal government. It is low cost yet high quality health insurance for people who have been denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions. It is only offered to individuals who are out of options and who can’t obtain health insurance from any other source.

The Missouri Kidney Program is when the state provides financial and other forms of assistance to individuals who have a kidney transplant or Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. Applicants need to be a low income resident of Missouri, be on routine dialysis, have had a transplant, and/or have Chronic Kidney Disease. The MoKP program currently provides transportation to kidney treatment, assistance with kidney-related medications, and/or health insurance premium reimbursement. Phone number is 800-733-7345.




Save money on prescription drug costs from Missouri RX. This will provide assistance in paying for up to 50% of your out-of-pocket prescription medication costs that are covered by Medicare D. It can also pay for certain Medicare-excluded drugs. There are no fees or monthly premiums due, and it will pay for up to a 31 day supply of medications. Applicants will need to be enrolled in a Medicare Part D Plan. Call 800-375-1406 for information.

MO HealthNet for Families (MHF) is for low income, working poor, and uninsured families. It is government funded healthcare coverage for qualified patients. There are various income restrictions in place as well, and it will in general follow the Aid to Families with Dependent Children guidelines. Coverage is also only provided for children under age 19 and their parent. It can also help their caretakers with whom they live. Some of the types of bills paid for can include primary, emergency, and preventative care, hospital services, lab/x-ray work, dental care, vision services, home and community-based services, medical equipment, pharmacy, and mental health. 888-275-5908

SCHIP is known in the state as MO HealthNet for Kids. It is another government sponsored program for teenagers, infants, and children under the age of 19. The state will provide medical care to prevent illness, promote good health, and treat different forms of sickness. Dental and vision services are also offered. This is the state’s version of CHIP, and call 800-392-2161 for information or to enroll.

Pregnant Women and Newborns also have special coverage from HealthNet. A wide range of services are offered, with a focus on addressing the medical needs that may come up during a pregnancy. 888-275-5908

Show Me Healthy Women is the availability of free breast and cervical cancer screening to uninsured women in Missouri. There will be some age restrictions in place. For example, women age 50 to 64 can receive the clinical breast exam. Those who lack insurance and range in age from 35 to 49 are qualified for a free CBE; pelvic exam and/or Pap test. If the results of the testing or screening show results that are suspicious, then other treatment and diagnostic services may be available. Call 573-522-2845.





The TAP, or Telecommunications Access Program, is when equipment, in particular assistive telecommunication devices, are distributed for free or low cost to meet the needs of individuals with special needs or disabilities. Some of what may be offered includes text or voice carry over phones, hands-free units and even something called photo phones. 800-647-8557.

Missouri Vaccines for Children Program is when children from uninsured families can receive free or low cost prescriptions and vaccines. All of the medications and vaccinations are given to clinics and health centers, which then will provide the shots and items to children and their families who need help. Families may need to pay a minimal amount towards their bills or some small fees. Some offices may have a small charge in place as well. 573-751-6124.

Receive heart screening and stroke tests from WISEWOMAN. This nationwide program is also available in Missouri. It will help delay and ideally prevent heart conditions in low-income women. You will need to contact your state office for a screening site in your town or county. The main number to dial is 573-522-2845.





By Jon McNamara

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