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Health care and free health insurance programs in Minnesota for uninsured.

The thousands of families in Minnesota who are uninsured or uninsured may be able to receive free or low cost medical assistance from a number of sources. Some of the programs, such as free healrh insurance plans, are funded by the government and other resources are offered by non-profit agencies or local clinics. Qualified individuals can receive everything from lab work and prescriptions to free cancer tests and screenings.

Minnesota works with the federal government on some services such as Medicaid, Medicare for the elderly and the pre-existing coverage plan. The state also participates in a number of other non-profit programs and may also offer some of their own services to the needy or unemployed. Funding is limited, there may be a limited enrollment window for free or low cost health insurance, and a formal application process is in place. The leading health insurance plans and medical solutions are below.

Receive tests and screenings from the Breast/Cervical Cancer Treatment Program – MABC. This is a nationwide program that operates locally as well. Call 800-657-3739.

Teen and Child Checkups, or EPSDT, is an early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment program for lower income and uninsured children. It can help diagnose and treat potential health or handicapping conditions. This form of free insurance is offered for newborn children and teenagers up thru age 20 who are enrolled in MinnesotaCare or Minnesota Medical Assistance (Medicaid). Receive complete physical exam, vision and dental checks and more. 800-657-3672.

Minnesota ADAP - AIDS Drug Assistance Program will pay for FDA approved prescription drugs for patients who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The applicant needs to meet income levels and be uninsured or underinsured. 800-657-3761

The HIV/AIDS Dental and Mental Health Program will pay for dental services, insurance premiums, mental health, drug cost reimbursement, and nutritional supplements for the HIV positive. Up to $160 is paid out per month. 800-657-3761.

HIV/AIDS Insurance Continuation will provide financial assistance to help pay the health insurance premiums to lower income individuals who have HIV/AIDS. Call 800-657-3761.




Minnesota Medicaid is a federal government coordinated free quality health care service as well as insurance plan. Resources are offered for eligible working poor and low-income individuals, pregnant women, uninsured children, and other qualified families. It is free or low cost yet comprehensive medical bill assistance for physician visits, emergency ambulance, hospitalization costs, dental cleanings. You can select your own doctor too. 800-657-3739

Minnesota Senior Health Options, or MSHO, is free health insurance offered in partnership with the state and federal government. Clients include those currently on Medicaid or Medicare. There may be financial help in paying for hospitals, insulin, emergency room or ambulance costs, medications, immunizations, home care and other bills. Even learn more on government free insulin programs.

The TEFRA option is a form of medical assistance and it provides health insurance coverage program for children and infants with disabilities who live at home. Eye exams, drugs, inpatient/outpatient hospital care, and more is paid for. Call 800-657-3739.

Health insurance is also offered for children under the age of 21. It is only offered for low to moderate income residents and is provided as part of the State's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). Main number is 800-657-3739.

MSHO/Minnesota Senior Health Options is for the elderly and seniors. It is a combination of several different assistance programs. It is offered for people who are eligible for Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B as well. A number of free services are offered for the uninsured. 800-657-3739.

MinnesotaCare is yet another government solution. The state can offer public health insurance for Minnesota residents who don't have any other access to affordable insurance policies. The premium charged is a sliding fee scale and will factor in the households income. A number of medical bills can be paid for. Call 800-657-3672 for information and/or an application.

Residents and others who were previously denied coverage can get help from the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP). The state works with non-profits and the federal government U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to organize a wide array of health benefits. Some fees, deductibles, and premiums may be owed from the patient. Phone number is 866-717-5826.





The Sage Program offers screening for several types of cancer as indicated below.

  • Patients (women) can receive Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening at dozens of community clinics and non-profit health centers in Minnesota. Applicants need to be uninsured and over the age of 40. It will, among other services, offer screening mammograms and pap smear. Referrals are offered to hospitals and specialists if needed as a result of the testing. 888-643-2584
  • Other testing is offered as part of the Sage Scopes Colorectal Cancer Screening. This offers free testing including screening colonoscopy, follow-up test for patients with abnormal results, and can even work with immigrants and other non-English speakers. 888-643-2584.
  • SagePlus is also part of WISEWOMAN Minnesota, and offers Heart/Stroke Screening. This will help find, delay, and ideally prevent cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. Testing is done for high blood pressure, cholesterol checks, and more. Get information and education on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Call 888-643-2584.

Senior LinkAge Line of Minnesota is for the elderly in Minnesota. Anyone can use it, regardless of their income or whether they are uninsured or not. Senior citizens can learn about applying for Medicare (parts A, B, C, or D) plans for their prescription drugs or insurance premium help, equipment, and other assistance. There is also information on Agency on Aging offices in Minnesota, or dial 800-333-2433.

VFC - Vaccines for Children Program is also offered in all states, and it will offer free/low cost vaccines for children. The medications are given to the state of Minnesota government, which then pass it on to local health agencies and clinics at no charge. The centers then administer the shots and vaccinations for low income and underinsured children and students in Minnesota. Phone 651-201-5532.


By Jon McNamara

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