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Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee free assistance programs.

The non-profit Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee wants to ensure that everyone has access to some form of free or low cost representation or legal advice. So the firm offers services to those facing poverty and very low income families. In many cases, the elderly can also get help from the society regardless of their income. Some examples of the main solutions provided are noted below.

Legal assistance for housing and financial issues

Housing issues, including eviction defense, foreclosure counseling, and other support is available. Staff from the pro-bono firm (either students, lawyers, or paralegals) will represent people that are facing homelessness and that have housing concerns. This may take place at a landlord/tenant mediation session or maybe a court hearing.

For homeowners in Milwaukee and the region, they can get free advice and maybe even direct mediation with their lender. This can include support on completing mortgage loan modifications, referrals to local HUD certified housing counseling agencies in Wisconsin, and more.

Tenants can get support too. This can include resolving disputes with landlords, trying to retrieve security deposits, and dealing with housing discrimination. Of course the legal staff from Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee focuses on preventing both evictions and homelessness in the area. There is also free representation for indigent tenants from EDP, or an eviction prevention program in the county as well as city. More on Eviction Defense Project in Milwaukee County.

In some cases, very low income clients can get support in obtaining subsidized housing. Or if someone is being discriminated against in their application, support is offered in those cases too. Many minorities, disabled, single moms and the vulnerable in Milwaukee face discrimination as they apply for apartments or rental housing. The team at Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee can provide support.

Free advice on filing for bankruptcy or dealing with creditors may be offered. They only support chapter 7 filings. Many lower income, unemployed, or struggling individuals in Milwaukee County have serious legal problems associated with unpaid bills and/or the collection of debts. Learn your rights and get counseling on some of the options that may be available.




The firm will often partner with other agencies in the region, such as consumer credit counseling. So clients may receive free legal aid from both lawyers and paralegals as well as other debt or credit specialists. Topics addressed range from preventing an auto repossession to stopping unfair debt collection practices. Or, as a last resort, learn the pros, cons, and process involved in filing bankruptcy in Wisconsin.

Financial stability and economic security for families is a priority. If your application for government benefits has been declined, then attorneys work to ensure that disabled or elderly clients are provided fair hearings from agencies such as social security and any government agencies in Wisconsin. The non-profit wants to ensure that low income families get timely receipt of benefits they are entitled too. This can include SSI disability, subsidized housing, SNAP food stamps, and other aid.

The Legal Society of Milwaukee will also work on health care as part of so called economic security. There is a need for affordable health, medical and dental care in the state. So attorneys from the non-profit work to ensure that people with disabilities, the ill, young, and seniors have access to the coverage they need.

In particular, many elderly or disabled individuals need representation if they have been cut off or denied from cash assistance or other financial aid. Legal staff can help people understand and navigate the very complicated government entitlement system. This service is always in high demand.

Free advice from Milwaukee Legal Aid society on other topics

A department will focus on elder law. This is for residents over the age of 50, and help is provided regardless of income. The society will assist with estate planning or creating wills, and this can be done for free.

They also want senior citizens in Milwaukee to have an income during retirement, and this is often from social security, Medicare or a pension. So the legal team can help the elderly answer questions on applying for those and other benefits. This will also help ensure a senior does not fall into poverty. There are other options as well available, and read more on legal aid from elder law attorneys near you.

Consumer law issues, mostly around financial matters, are a specialty. This can help with wage garnishments, debt collection lawsuits, and repossession. However many other tops are covered from counselors and attorneys.

Using mostly volunteers attorneys from the community, some Family Law issues may be dealt with. However this is not as common and is very limited. Much more focus is placed on housing, government benefits, and similar needs indicated above.

Some of the civil, family law cases may include assistance on establishing paternity, divorce, setting child and spousal support, custody and coordinating visitation rights for parents. Many of these cases are handled by referrals, and Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee may not handle many.





Clinics and sessions may address employee legal challenges. This is for people who are contesting some type of work related concern or just need some clarification on their rights. Topics may include.

  • If you were let go, get help on denial of unemployment benefits.
  • Discrimination or harassment issues at the workplace are addressed.
  • Learn about applying for benefits from your employer if you were denied.
  • Free information is available from Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee of the state of Wisconsin and federal wage laws.

The staff, paralegals, attorneys, and others at Legal Aid of Milwaukee are all dedicated promoting fair, full, and equal access to justice. They offer referrals and coordinate volunteer civil legal services. The issues dealt with are noted above, and the firm does what it can to assist the low income and elderly in the region with their needs.

Applying for assistance from free attorneys in Milwaukee

The main office of Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee is at 521 North 8th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233. Call (414) 727-5300 for information or to make an appointment. Lawyers can cover civil issues or court cases as well, and the advice is free for low income families.

By Jon McNamara

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