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Kansas Gas assistance programs.

Kansas Gas will do what they can to provide financial assistance, help people prevent a disconnection of their service, and representatives will work with customers to explore a variety of solutions to any hardship they may be facing. Some of them may include weatherization, the Cold Weather Rule, LIHEAP, and more. Kansas Gas is committed to helping the less fortunate and needy with paying their bills.

Payment arrangements may be offered from April to October, and these do not overlap the Cold Weather Rule period. So this is a separate program from the company. Some qualified residential customers may be eligible for financial assistance from a long-term payment arrangement that Kansas Gas may provide. Additional assistance and plans are available during the Cold Weather Rule period. So regardless of what month someone is in, there are various options available.

The Cold Weather Rule is in effect too, and is required by the state of Kansas. This resource can help prevent service interruptions, or reconnect your power, when the outside temperature is 35 degrees or less. Or your utility service can be restored regardless of temperature, if you meet the following conditions.

  • First and foremost, communication is critical. A customer will need to inform Kansas Gas if you are struggling and are unable to pay your bill in full.
  • Documentation is required, and applicants will need to provide their utility company with sufficient information to enter into a payment agreement. It needs show proof of why someone is struggling.

Then, over time, in order to stay enrolled in the Cold Weather rule, the individual will need to pay 1/12th of their outstanding total account balance. They also need to pay all required deposit installments as well as all disconnection or reconnection fees. Customers then need to enter into an 11-month payment plan to pay the remainder of their bills. It is also recommended to look into the Equal Payment Plan for current and future consumption needs, as this can help people budget properly. A customer service representative from Kansas Gas will also help people apply for federal, state government, and local energy assistance funds, such as LIHEAP.





As indicated above, the Cold Weather Rule is always in effect, and it states that utility companies, including Kansas Gas, shall not, in general, disconnect a customer’s service during the fall and winter period from November 1 through March 31 when the temperature will be 35 degrees or colder. It ensures that all special payment and disconnection procedures are followed, and that each company does whatever it can to find a solution to a customers hardship situation. The program can also help restore a previously disconnect service. The state agency known as the Kansas Corporation Commission oversees the Cold Weather Rule.

In addition to the details and notes above, Kansas Gas Service is also required by state law to give notice at least 10 days in advance of discontinuing service. They will do this by phone calls or by mail.

Share The Warmth was called Gift of Warmth at one time, and it is a program in which Kansas families can donate money to help the less fortunate. The resource was created as a partnership between The Salvation Army as well as Kansas Gas Service, and it provides energy bill assistance to the needy. Share The Warmth may be able to help families that are currently facing financial emergencies pay their home heating bills and help them stay warm through the winter months.

Financial aid is focused on individuals with disabilities and seniors. Help is also provided for people who also just don’t have enough money to pay their energy bills for the month in question. The Salvation Army will use all cash donations and contributions in order to make payments directly to Kansas Gas on behalf of the person who was chosen to receive the financial aid. The program will do what it can to keep people warm.

ONEOK, Inc., which owns Kansas Gas, will also tend to match any customer donations to Share The Warmth, as they want to help warm homes in Kansas. For example, during 2009 ONEOK, Inc. donated over $25,000 to provide energy bill assistance through the Share The Warmth program, and this was equivalent to a 15 percent match to contributions. These donations do not change how to apply, and state residents will be qualified for financial assistance by using eligibility criteria and established guidelines that were set by The Salvation Army.

Budget from the Equal Payment Plan, and this can help people pay their natural gas bills by increasing their ability to plan their future expenses. The amount of your monthly payment due will be based on your previous 12-month billing history. The payment will not spike or decrease, and it will be the same amount due each month.




As noted, there are also federal programs that Kansas Gas customers can explore. They tend to be available for very low income residents, with a focus on the disabled and also the elderly in the companies service territory. The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) can provide either a grant or credit on the customer’s account.

Another option is weatherization. This will be administered by the community action agency in your town or county, so call them to apply. This is the nation’s primary conservation program, and qualified Kansas Gas customers can potentially save hundreds of dollars per year from it. While weatherization is limited in scope, it is offered at no cost to those that qualify.

Call Kansas Gas at (888) 482-4950.

By Jon McNamara

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