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Johnson County public assistance programs.

Help is available for very low income families from a number of public benefits and government aid programs in Johnson County. The Department of Family Services can provide information on these services, and help eligible residents apply. If an individual is not qualified, then they still may be eligible for various case management services or they be provided referrals from the government agency.

A goal is always on addressing the basic needs of food, shelter, and medical care. Without these issues being addressed, a family could be placed at risk. Some of the main public benefits that help with these needs include SNAP food stamps for groceries, LIEAP which can assist with utility bills, and of course Medicaid, which is the state and federal government main public health insurance plan.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is the new name for what was formally known as food stamps. Department of Children and Family Services can process applications for it, and for families that are enrolled, they will be given an EBT card to shop with.

Using this resource, a certain amount of money will be given to the family on a monthly basis, and they can use it to buy food or groceries. It can include perishable items, fruits, vegetables, and more. DCF of Johnson County will also refer participants to educational workshops on proper nutrition, where they can learn how to prepare healthy meals or maybe even shop on a budget.

Other government food assistance includes free school breakfasts or lunches for students. There is also TEFAP, which is an emergency service. Additional options include Commodity Supplemental Food (CSFP), which can supplement the diets of people facing poverty with surplus USDA commodity foods. Last, but not least, is help with obtaining formula for new infants and mothers, as this is what WIC can assist with.

The disabled in Johnson County can also receive government aid, namely in the form of cash assistance from SSI. The social security administration reviews applications for this public aid program, and for those that meet all conditions, they will be provided a monthly check for some of their basic needs, such as rent, food, and medications.




The amount of public assistance from SSI is limited, and most disabled people will be strongly encouraged to work to supplement this financial aid. Case managers can work with clients on overcoming any challenges that they may face to receiving employment.

Child Care Vouchers are state and federally funded. The parent of the enrolled child will be assisted with paying for a small portion of their day care costs while they are either working or in training. The goal is to help the parent save money, and the time limited child care assistance can help meet that goal in Johnson County.

The more traditional welfare type public aid program is now known as TANF. This will provided to very low income qualified residents in the form of grants, and the cash can be used for needs such as food, rent, and paying for any number of household expenses. It is only offered for a limited period of time, and all participants in it will need to agree to participate in job training as well.

Department of Children and Family Services in Johnson County can offer support in other ways. Examples include:

  • Intake to the state of Kansas Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP). Using public funds, households struggling with paying utility bills can receive financial support.
  • Medical and dental assistance from Medicaid, or senior citizens can get information on a service for them known as Medicare.
  • Housing assistance, while limited, can include referrals to section 8 or eviction prevention.
  • Child development is available across the state of Kansas, from programs such as Head Start and others.

The bottom line is that Johnson County Human Services offers various forms of aid, and the list above is just an example. The address is 8915 Lenexa Drive, Overland Park, KS 66214, or call them at 1-888-369-4777 for details.



By Jon McNamara

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