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Get free legal advice in Indiana and assistance.

Indiana residents can get free legal advice and representation from a number of different firms. They are coordinated by Indiana Legal Services. This non-profit law firm provides help to people across the state, often using regional partners in towns and counties.

The legal services they offer are wide ranging, and can include everything from foreclosure help, ways to stop debt collectors, domestic issues, divorces, and advice to help someone prevent an eviction from their apartment. Find information on the programs and resources offered below, as well as who to contact for help.

Indiana Legal Services provides legal help to thousands of people every year. Sometime individuals are provided with advice and consultation to their rights and their options. In other cases, sometimes people are assisted with full legal representation, in which an attorney will actually represent the individual in court. Some of the aid they offer includes

Foreclosure legal aid

The firm can provide assistance, and also put you into contact with a government approved housing counseling agency. All options will be explored. The firm receives federal government funding to provide counseling services and other forms of assistance to qualified homeowners who are facing a foreclosure or the loss of their home. If you are a homeowner who is in danger of falling behind on your mortgage, and facing a foreclosure or defaulting on your mortgage, ask for help right away. Also, if you have already have missed your monthly payments, please contact Indiana Legal Services for free foreclosure counseling and advice.


Lawyers from Indiana Legal Services will defend renters and tenants who are facing an eviction. This is a wide ranging service that is available and many clients can get support. They will represent subsidized housing tenants to help preserve affordable housing, help mobile home park residents, provide eviction prevention services and consultations, and also offer information and aid to tenants who are facing unsafe or unclean living conditions.




The goal is to ensure safe and affordable housing for all Indiana families. So the firm can also help solve other problems with the apartment or home they reside in. Additional free legal programs offered include.

  • Homelessness
  • Tenants' Rights and Evictions
  • Support for Government / Public and Subsidized Housing
  • Foreclosures Assistance
  • Rental Assistance, including Section 8 government housing
  • Landlord/tenant disputes and mediation

Consumer advocacy rights in Indiana

You may be able to get legal help for dealing with debt collectors and creditors. Attorneys ni Indiana can assist you if a creditor or debt collector is attempting to garnish your wages. Much more is available as well. For example, they can provide free advice on the pros and cons of bankruptcy, and help with deal with other consumer and credit type issues, including.

  • Predatory lending and payday lenders
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Debt Collection and Collectors
  • Wage and Income Garnishment

Domestic and family matters

Legal support for domestic issues including. This is often more limited though, and will depend on a number of volunteers.

  • Parental Rights
  • Domestic Violence
  • Child Custody, Support, and Visitation Rights
  • Divorces and Separations
  • Guardianship
  • Health Care, Including federal and Arizona government programs such as Medi-Cal, Long-term Care Litigation, Homeless Dumping, MIA, other)





Support for public benefits and entitlements

The working poor, seniors, or disabled can get advice when it comes to receiving public aid in Indiana. Some individuals may be unfairly denied, or maybe their benefits were cut. In these cases, Indiana Legal Services may be able to represent and advise the client. Maybe even attend a SSI hearing with them.

  • Unemployment Benefits, Claims and Government Assistance Programs
  • Public Assistance/Benefits (Both State, County and Local Welfare)
  • Sanctions
  • Emergency Shelter Assistance and Housing
  • Temporary and Long Term Disability Benefits
  • Food Stamps and TANF
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security

Other free legal assistance areas in Indiana

  • Predatory Mortgages and Lending
  • Assistance to Community Groups, Action Agencies, Charities, and Non-profit Organizations
  • Payday lenders and lending
  • Name Change
  • Expungement of Criminal Record

Contact Indiana Legal Services at (317) 631-9410 to learn how you can get free aid and access to their legal services.

There are also local firms as well. They will offer many of the same or similar services as noted above. These lawyers may also be able to address more regional rules and regulations, as they are focused on certain towns and counties. One of the main firms supports the Marion County and surrounding communities, such as Hamilton and others. More on assistance from Indianapolis Legal Aid Society.



By Jon McNamara

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