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Indiana health care for uninsured.

The uninsured, and people who have limited health care coverage, can receive free or affordable medical services from the state of Indiana. A number of government and non-profit programs are available to residents who can’t find any other private or public health insurance. They can provide free medications, consultations, checkups, basic care, or referrals.

Most of the statewide resources also have income restrictions in place so the applicant needs to be considered to be low or moderate income. With tens of thousands of families either lacking health insurance, or they may be considered underinsured, the demand is high. So some of the medical assistance programs in Indiana will have a waiting list in place. However it is always recommended to call a location to get additional information on the services and what they can provide for you or your family.

Children's Special Health Care Services is for previously uninsured and low income families, with the focus on children with very serious and chronic medical conditions. It is a supplemental program for patients. Assistance is offered for students, children, and residents who are under the age of 21. Various restrictions are in place, including the applicant needs to have a serious, chronic medical condition. The Special Health Care Services provided include evaluations, comprehensive well and sick child care, immunizations, prescription drugs, and even free routine dental care. If you do not qualify, or have other needs, then receive community referrals and information on other free non-profits in Indiana. 800-475-1355

The Indiana ADAP AIDS Drug Assistance Program can help patients with HIV or AIDs get limited amounts of FDA-approved medications and therapeutic drugs. In particular, it will assist those who have a waiting period before any type of coverage from Indiana's Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ICHIA) begins. If you need assistance in obtaining medications, call 866-588-4948.





HIP, or Healthy Indiana Plan, is a statewide resource for uninsured adults who range in age from 19-64. Some of the other conditions include the applicant needs to not have access to insurance thru their employer and also have been without health insurance for up to six months. Receive a wide variety of care, including diagnostic exams, case and disease management, medications, home health services, and more. Main phone - 877-438-4479.

Hoosier Healthwise Health Care Program is an option for pregnant women, low income families and children. It offers them free medical care if they meet all of the eligibility requirements. Some of the benefits offered include hospital care; doctor visits; well-child visits; clinic services; checkups; lab and x-ray services; and much more. 800-889-9949

Get assistance in paying Medicare Part D (drug) premiums from Indiana Hoosier RX. It is only offered to senior citizens and older adults. Anyone who apples must have also applied for the Medicare Part D "extra help" program and they need to also have received an acceptance (also known as partial subsidy) letter or a denial letter. Call 866-267-4679 for details.

Indiana Breast Cancer Screening is available to help diagnose and/or treat breast or cervical cancers. Phone number is 800-433-0746.

ICHIA - Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association is government funded health insurance coverage for individuals who are unable to purchase insurance due to pre-existing health conditions. In order to enroll, applicants need to have been rejected by at least one health insurance company (unless they are HIPPA eligible) and they also can’t be eligible for Medicaid. Dial 800-552-7921 in order to select from up to 4 different plans.

Indiana First Steps is involved in providing early intervention services to young children and infants with disabilities. Aid may also be offered for those need medical attention and/or who are developmentally vulnerable. Some of what may be provided by non-profits and the government include assistive technology, developmental therapy, family education, training and counseling, medical and nursing services, occupational and physical therapy, social work services, etc. Telephone: 800-545-7763

Shots, vaccines, and medications may be offered to children. The services are free. All items are offered to clinics across Indiana and shots are provided by nurses and other medical staff at those locations. Receiving timely immunization can prevent many diseases, including influenza, measles, chicken pox and others. Dial 317-233-7603 for the location of a clinic near you.

The Indiana Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan is offered for those residents who have been denied medical care or insurance due to other pre-existing conditions or concerns. This is offered in partnership with federal government funding and grant programs, in particular those from Department of Health and Human Services. 866-717-5826




By Jon McNamara

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