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Hospital bill assistance programs, charities, and free medical care.

Many people today are having difficulty with paying medical expenses and hospital bills. Challenges are faced both by individuals who are uninsured and also by those with health insurance. But you do have options available and you can get assistance with paying off or saving money on your hospital bills. Most hospitals offer various types of financial aid, including charity programs or offer other ways to provide relief to patients who need financial help.

Whether you are uninsured or uninsured, trying to navigate thru the health care system to find ways to get help can be like threading your way through a maze. It is difficult at best, borderline impossible at worst. But you can find some suggestions and ways to get help here.

How to get assistance with hospital bills

There are a few key things to know. The first item that you need to know is that almost all hospital charges and bills are negotiable. The primary reason being that private insurers and government insurance plans usually obtain discounts up to 75 percent off the list price of the surgery, doctor visit, and overall medical service. So if a service costs you $1000, a health insurance company would have an arrangement with the hospital in which they would pay only say $250. This is possible as insurance companies negotiate “bulk” rates with all medical providers. Find tips for how to negotiate hospital bills.

So, since these insurance groups receive a 75% discount on hospital and medical bills, the under and uninsured patients also can get a substantial price break. Your goal should be to pay the same rate that an insurance company would pay the hospital or doctor for the health care service. In addition, if your household income is low enough, a 100 percent write-off/savings on your hospital bill is very possible from a charity.

The second key thing to know is that the burden to ask for the discount, or to save money, is on you. You need to ask for any financial support or discount on your bills. The hospital, doctor, or medical provider is under no legal obligation to offer it to you, and they almost never will offer it to you. If you can’t get a discount from them, patients have another option available. Find how to settle your medical debts.




Select your state below for information on hospital bill assistance programs, charities, and free medical care programs that are offered by hospitals and clinics in your state and county. There are numerous assistance programs and charities that can help you pay hospital bills, eliminate debt, reduce medical expenses, and provide other aid. Or find prescription drug assistance programs if you need free or discounted medications.


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By Jon McNamara

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