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Avoid bankruptcy and pay off bills from credit counseling.

With the weak economy and challenging job market, more families are struggling with paying down their debt and may be considering a bankruptcy filing. Studies show that going through the credit counseling process can help people catch up on their financial obligations, and thereby avoid bankruptcy. Families who have been falling behind on their bills and debts are often clients for these services. There is help for individuals ho are struggling to manage their outstanding obligations, which can include their medical bills, mortgage home loans, and credit card debt. They can get help from counselors.

A recent study shows that those households and individuals who are so impacted by the weak economy and financial woes and who are considering filing for bankruptcy need to strongly consider seeking help from a credit counselor. They should really do this before proceeding with any type of legal filing.

In addition to helping avoid bankruptcy, consumers who are behind in payments on their credit card bills and who have found themselves subjected to a cut in their line of credit, or higher interest rates, can also receive help from a credit counselor. They can provide them with a host of options to assist as these agencies administer several services.

Does a credit counselor help with bankruptcy?

Yes. The study, according to the National Bankruptcy Research Center, which worked closely with the Management International Financial Education Foundation, has reported that the majority of consumers who used pre-bankruptcy credit counseling experienced improvement in their credit report and their overall financial situation in as little as two years . After the process concluded many clients were able to avoid a  filing as a result. But there are always exceptions to be made. Find some cases of when you should consider filing for bankruptcy. More.

The study from the National Bankruptcy Research Center had multiple phases. The second phase of the organizations' study on the importance of bankruptcy and credit counseling shows that recipients of the service had fewer delinquent accounts. Many individuals were able to keep their credit card balances current significantly longer than those who did not receive any pre bankruptcy filing or advice from a professional.





And the truth is that with job losses continuing to mount and the economy not fully recovering anytime soon, the truth is that more personal bankruptcies are likely to occur over the years ahead. This is why it is critical to ask for assistance before becoming too far behind on unpaid bills.

As just one example, the Miami Herald has reported that families struggling with debt and personal bankruptcies have continued to increase in the South Florida area where filings are up over 50 percent from just last year, which is an astounding increase. Other area of the country have also had an increasing rate of struggling consumers.

The source reports personal bankruptcies are on the rise mainly due to the fact that more and more people are losing their jobs and can’t find timely employment that has a livable wage. In particular, in the case of the South Florida region, the bursting of the residential housing market and commercial office space is taking a toll on those people who were employed. It is especially hurting people who were formerly employed in the real estate industry, including sales and construction.

This is a perfect case in which credit counseling can help people pay their bills, debts, and hopefully stay of out bankruptcy. Communication and asking for help are critical. For more information, find a non-profit credit counseling agency.




By Jon McNamara

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