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Financial assistance programs Connecticut.

Find how to get financial help, grants, free stuff and government assistance in all cities and counties in Connecticut listed below including Bridgeport and Hartford. Agencies can help with rent, utility bills, or a mortgage. There are also non-profits or government agencies that provide free food, foreclosure assistance, and financial assistance for paying other bills.

Connecticut HUSKY
A HUSKY plan is one of three government funded options that are available that will offer free or low-cost health insurance to uninsured children and youth in Connecticut. 1-877-284-8759

Rental Assistance
The Connecticut Rental Assistance Program (RAP) will help low income families with rent. It allows them to afford decent and safe housing in the private market. Families can even find their own apartments and housing, including townhouses, condos, and single-family homes. Grants and vouchers can be provided to help them pay the rent. Find more ways to receive help, as there are many programs that help with rent. Or dial 1-800-842-1508

Additional Rent Help
The government Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program is another source of rent and housing assistance. Find additional help with making rental payments, security deposits, and other aid. These will be Connecticut focused rent assistance programs.

This program will help people with disabilities and senior citizens who live in Connecticut afford prescription drug medications and help them with paying pharmacy bills. 1-800-423-5026

Free Health Care
Connecticut individuals and families and can get free health care from the AmeriCares Free Clinics. They have clinics located in Danbury, Bridgeport, and Norwalk. Read more on Connecticut free health care.




Find information on non-profits, community clinics, charities, and heath care centers that can provide either low cost or free, yet high quality, medical care. Free Connecticut clinics.Not only are there free or sliding fee clinics that help with general health care needs, but some centers also focus on offering dental care, check ups, consultations and assistance. Click here for a listing of free dental clinics in Connecticut.

Resources are available for Connecticut families that lack health insurance or full coverage. Government sponsored medical assistance can provide prescription medications, check ups, health care for children and assistance for seniors as well. Continue with Connecticut uninsured medical care.

State-Administered General Assistance (SAGA) Medical Program
SAGA Medical will provide medical assistance and help with health care bills and expenses to those who do not qualify for other financial aid. Support is also offered for those who are awaiting eligibility determination for other medical assistance programs and help. 1-800-842-1508

Connecticut Housing Authority
The state offers several social services that focus on renters and homeowners. Programs can help with paying rent and deposits, as well as offer eviction prevention. Homeowners can qualify for foreclosure help and mediation. Read more Connecticut housing assistance.

Assistance for Disabled in Connecticut
Departments, including Social Services and Rehabilitation Services, help residents with a disability. Programs include medications, financial aid for bills and rent, food, home care, and respite for caregivers. Several other resources can help with basic needs. Find details on disability help in Connecticut.





Temporary Family Assistance
A cash assistance free government grant program that helps pay for both special and basic needs. Funds are paid to recipients of Jobs First. 800-842-1508

Programs to Prevent Evictions and Homelessness
Resources are available from non-profits, local Social Services Departments and Connecticut housing authorities. Grants may be available for paying rent to stop an eviction, case managers can help with rehousing, and funds may pay a portion of a security deposit on a new low income apartment. Find more information on eviction prevention services in Connecticut.

Programs to pay Child Care
Low income parents that are working, in school or training can receive assistance from the Connecticut Care 4 Kids program. Vouchers and subsidies can pay a portion of your day care costs. More on free daycare in Connecticut.

Social Services and Cash Assistance
The state of Connecticut runs a number of programs for the low income. Services range from funds for energy bills, free food, medical bill assistance, and rent/mortgage help. Get details on the resources offered. Get details on public assistance programs for Connecticut.

Senior Programs
Older adults and senior citizens can explore government programs and resources from non-profits. The state area agency on aging coordinates medical billing programs, free food, and job training. Elderly can also get information on prescription assistance programs and other aid from the Agency on Aging in Connecticut.

Legal Aid
Connecticut runs a hotline that provides free legal advice. There are also various law firms and attorneys that provide free legal aid on a pro-bono basis. Learn more on Connecticut free legal advice.

Connecticut Foreclosure Aid, Mortgage Refinancing, and Mortgage Help
There is are various mortgage and foreclosure program that will assist families with their mortgages and help them avoid foreclosure. Read more mortgage help in Connecticut.

Also, find out how non-profits can provide high quality foreclosure counseling. More on Connecticut HUD counseling agencies.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
A state of CT as well as federal government nutrition program that helps lower income families and individuals buy food and groceries. SNAP provides grants and vouchers for groceries.

Help for Phone Bills
The two main programs are Lifeline and CTCAP - Connecticut Telephone Connection Assistance Program. They offer low income families reductions on both cellular and home telephone costs. Continue with Lifeline in Connecticut.







Employment Services, Financial Aid and Self-sufficiency
The unemployed, working poor, and low income families may receive help from non-profit community action agencies. Resources include job training and grants for paying for emergency needs. Find a list of community action agencies in Connecticut.

Several programs are focused on helping people find a job or gain new skills. CTWork centers can assist the unemployed, seniors, and career changers with their employment needs. More Connecticut job training.

Emergency Assistance Programs
Low income, unemployed, and struggling families may receive help from the Salvation Army. Dozens of centers operate in the state and offer help for basic needs such as rent, food, housing, and heating bills. Locate Salvation Army services in Connecticut.

Debt, Credit Card, and Financial Counseling in Connecticut
Consumers who need advice and assistance in paying credit card and medical debts, free financial and budgeting advice, or who need mortgage delinquency counseling can contact a non-profit credit counseling agency. Many services are offered at no cost. Find free debt and credit counseling in Connecticut.

Food Banks and Distribution Centers
Connecticut has dozens of food banks, pantries, and non-profit organizations that provide free or low cost food and non-financial aid to families and individuals who need assistance. More on Connecticut food banks.

Heating and Energy Bills
Find a listing of assistance programs that can help families in Connecticut pay their monthly utility and heating bills. Continue with Connecticut heating and energy bill help.

Assistance From Connecticut Cities and Counties

Fairfield County (Bridgeport)

Hartford County

Huron County

Litchfield County

Middlesex County

New Haven County

New London County

Tolland County (Rockville)

Windham County (Willimantic)

Utility and Heating Bill Help in Connecticut

Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)
Provides winter heating bill assistance for qualified lower-income households under the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program. Basic benefits paid in the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program, which is a free grant, range from $650 to almost $1000.





Weatherization Assistance Program
The purpose of this free government energy conservation program is to help families with reduce their home energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient and helping people conserve energy.

Contingency Heating Assistance Program (CHAP)
CHAP is an assistance program for households that have higher incomes, and are not eligible for other aid programs.

Discounted and Free and Home Heating Oil
A program from Citizens Energy, called the Oil Heat program, offers free and/or discounted heating oil to those in need. Citizens Energy has a partnership with with various fuel assistance and heating agencies across the state. They also work closely with heating oil dealers to provide discounted and free heating oil to those who need help with paying heating bills.

Matching Payment Plan
Most utility companies offer the Matching Payment Plan. This plan will give consumers a reduction in their past-due amount for every dollar paid on their current heating or utility bills.

Winter Protection Program
Most utility companies also offer this aid, which protects hardship customers from natural gas or electric service shutoffs for nonpayment from November 1 to May 1. This is intended to ensure families have heat during the winter and have the ability to stay safe.

Operation Fuel
Operation Fuel is a nonprofit private assistance program that will provide emergency help with utility or energy bills for people in need, who are not eligible for CEAP or SAFA aid.

By Jon McNamara

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