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Charlotte North Carolina free legal aid and advice.

For people from Mecklenburg County who can’t afford an attorney on their own, Charlotte legal aid may be able to assist. The non-profit firm relies mostly on volunteer attorneys and federal government funding to provide free advice and representation to low income families as well as the elderly. Note that only civil needs can be met and handled by the non-profit. Some of the main topics handed by the firm are below.

Family law, including help for victims of domestic violence and support to strengthen families and children is available. Too many women from Mecklenburg County and the city experience some form of domestic violence. It is unacceptable, and the lawyers from Charlotte legal aid work to assist them with their needs.

First and foremost, they offer protection and stability. Representation and other support is provided as well, as needed. The free legal help they offer can assist them with gaining self-sufficiency, provide housing and provide for their physical safety, including action such as protective orders as needed.

Preventing homelessness is a focus of Charlotte legal aid as well. This is for both tenants and homeowners in Mecklenburg County and nearby towns. With the still too high mortgage foreclosure rates, and evictions continuing to increase, court dockets are full to capacity with people faced with losing their homes.

The paralegals and lawyers from the non-profit do a decent job at responding to families or individuals who are at the brink of eviction or homeless because of a housing crisis. The work provided by legal aid of Charlotte includes helping families stay in their homes through eviction defense or representation. There is also assistance for transitioning to other housing or accessing housing. Each year, the non-profit stops a number of evictions and foreclosures in the community. They can provide free guidance with loan modifications, landlord/tenant mediation, bankruptcy, and short sales.

Access to public benefits, such as cash assistance, job training, food stamps and more can help foster long term independence. Families, children and senior citizens of the area living in poverty live with the risk of losing something. Many need a little assistance to be able to keep their homes, health, jobs, or a little hand in maintaining independence.

Some private studies show that if families with children had full access to public aid or government programs designed to lift them out of poverty, then those who are struggling would be much more likely to gain self-sufficiency over the long term.




Work with an attorney to get free legal help in understanding and applying for these federal or state of North Carolina benefit programs. This is particularly important for the working poor since without that help, many of these families must choose between buying their medicine, eating, or maybe paying the rent.

Staff from the pro-bono firm foster poor people’s independence by helping them access the public aid and government benefits for which they are eligible. Paralegals will also educate them about protecting their family income. Support is for the disabled, seniors, and there is assistance for children who are eligible for Medicaid access those benefits.

In general, there is help and support for the low income. Some unemployed and vulnerable people from the community are struggling with battling poverty. Too many have no avenues to use for help. Some of the main clients that need assistance are veterans, the elderly, and disabled.

Some other examples of what may be offered are help in completing complicated applications to ensure Medicaid eligibility with which to pay for residents’ care. There is advice in obtaining SSI disability or low income housing. Other support can defend them from having their benefits cut.

There is assistance for people in nursing homes, and many veterans in southern and central North Carolina need VA benefits or other guidance. So lawyers work with these clients to address the needs they have.

Partner with an attorney on Removing Barriers to Employment. As the dollar amount paid for minimum wage stagnates, working poor families struggle with a steadily growing gap between what they earn and what they can provide for their families. Charlotte legal aid can help address any needs, such as discrimination or illegal terminations, that people may face at work.

Volunteers attorneys from the pro-bono firm help people remove barriers to employment through the legal system. There are local service centers that assist the under or unemployed with employment issues, help people maintain income so they can work, support victims of domestic violence or immigrants, and provide aid for other employment issues.





More rare are some general family support issues. This may include support for expunging criminal records. Attorneys will refer applicants who need jobs training and work readiness programs to local partners in Mecklenburg County. They work on some matters such as divorce, immigration, and in some cases the lawyers will obtain court orders and or administrative decisions for challenging employment barriers.

How to apply for assistance from lawyers

For more information on their services, the main office is at 5535 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212. Telephone number is -(704) 376-1600.

By Jon McNamara

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