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Senior and disabled care from Aging Resources of Central Iowa.

Aging Resources of Central Iowa operates in several counties, including Polk County, Jasper, Warren, and others. The non-profit organization focuses on helping senior citizens in the region, in particular low income ones but anyone can apply for help. They also support the disabled and the client's caregivers as well using the following programs.

CMPFE - Case Management Program for Frail Elders serves central Iowa residents aged 60 and older. This is a service for those clients who are in need of ongoing support and care to supplement the efforts of family members, neighbors and even friends who assist them.

In most instances, Case Management is offered for free to the client. However there are instances in which individual programs may require payment from the person. The bills can sometimes be paid for by Medicaid or Medicare or the Elderly Waiver program. Some clients from counties such as Marion or Polk may be charged for services according to a sliding scale.

The objective of the Aging Resources of Central Iowa Case Management is to ensure that senior citizens and the elderly from counties such as Polk have every opportunity to stay comfortably and safely in their own homes. After an in-home assessment takes place to determine the person's unique needs, the senior citizen chooses their desired services, based on what is available. The case manager from the agency arranges and coordinates this to occur.

Aging’s Elderly Nutrition provides food and nutrition services to the elderly and senior citizens in the region, including the city of Des Moine. Aging Resources of Central Iowa makes use of this grant based funding to distribute Congregate and Home-Delivered Meals in their service territory. These services provide one-third of the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences recommended nutritional allowance to the client.

Not only do these meals, which are given for free, improve and enhance dietary intake and help seniors avoid hunger, they also help prevent disease, fight food insecurity and promote general good health and well-being. Additionally, both of the Home-Delivered as well as Congregate Meals offer older adults an opportunity to form new friendships, interact with peers and create informal support networks.




Nutritious meals are provided at centers in the community. Congregate Meals are served to adults 60 years of age and older in Polk, Dallas, and other Iowa Counties. Additional services provided during the meal include nutrition screening and education, recreational activities, free health screening, and transportation to the location. There is also information on food banks in Iowa.

Aging Resources of Central Iowa runs the Home-Delivered, or Meals on Wheels Service. Food and other supportive services, such as hot meals including during the holidays, are delivered directly to the homes of older individuals as well as the disabled. The program is for people with the greatest economic and social need. There is help for those with illness, that just left the hospital or that have a incapacitating disability that leaves them isolated or homebound.

Center volunteer delivery drivers and employees are also in a position to check on the health as well as  welfare of participants, and are encouraged to report any issues they may observe during their visits of delivering a meal. To apply for Meals on Wheels, a certification of need completed by a qualified doctor or other approved health professional is required for each applicant who meets eligibility criteria.

Better Choices Better Health Program is run by Aging Resources in Polk County Iowa. The service is modeled on the Stanford University Better Choices Better Health Program. The program is offered a multiple week session and it will give tips to participants. They can be empowered so they can actively manage their health concerns. Leaders from local non-profits are trained staff members or volunteers from Boone and other counties, many of whom have chronic conditions that enable them to empathize with the participants.

Get tips on paying medical bills. With patients being overcharged and Medicare dollars lost each year to abuse, errors, fraud, and waste, this often leads to increases in healthcare costs. The Aging Resources of Central Iowa Senior Medicare Patrol educates Iowans about ways to find, detect and report errors on bills. This includes Medicare healthcare fraud. The benefits to doing this will keeping down costs for the themselves and their medical bills.

To assist older job seekers in Polk, Warren, and Central Iowa who are encountering barriers to employment due to disability or age, the center partners with Department on Aging as well as the Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services in operating the Older Worker Employment Program. The goal is to assist senior as well as elderly job candidates in finding and retaining competitive, meaningful employment. To qualify for this service from the Center, the applicant must ave an open case with IVRS, be aged 55 or older, or have a diagnosed disability that is a barrier to employment.

Aging Resources of Central Iowa is also part of a, and a key member of, the Elder Abuse Prevention and Awareness Program. The agency will coordinate community resources to respond to the needs of the targeted population as well as respond to concerns reported by senior citizens or the sick who have experienced abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation.





Receive referrals to financial aid, low cost loans and also government benefits from the Aging Resources of Central Iowa's Information and Assistance line. Seniors can get free for information, referral, advocacy, assistance and access to counseling that is specifically targeted to senior citizens, their caregiver and their families. A specialist will provide applications, describing programs and services; providing counseling and individualized support, and connect the call to a program.

As noted, one part of this Central Iowa Aging Service is to address financial needs. Senior citizens may learn about free medical care, food programs, housing, loans for paying bills or for repairs, and more. For referrals the number to call is 515-255-1310, or learn more on low cost loans for senior citizens.

Caregiver programs are in place in Polk County and nearby regions. For those that do not know, a family caregiver shows concern for a senior citizen or family member who is ailing or aged by taking action on behalf of that person. They help with cleaning the home, shopping for groceries in Des Moine, preparing meals, providing transportation to appointments. Other tasks done may be assisting with bathing, dressing, walking, eating and so on.

Additionally, a caregiver arranged by Aging Resources' Family Program helps with legal and financial matters, explore medical care options, communicates with providers of healthcare and other social services, and they even offer emotional and social support. Clients can learn about accessing Financial support for needed equipment, get respite, and more.

Across Polk, Warren, Madison, and other counties are LifeLong Links Aging and Disability Resource Centers, or ADRCs. The locations are friendly, convenient places where older and/or disabled adults can meet with Options Counselors. They will be given  tips in the coordination of appropriate services. Other aid may be information and assistance in relation to programs, resources, social services, and long-term care.

Locations and phone number

For more information, Aging Resources of Central Iowa is located at 5835 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312-1444. Call the intake line at 515-255-1310.


By Jon McNamara

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